Yardless Yardsale
Ran May 15, 2009 - May 17, 2009

During the Yardless Yardsale, we New Colonists made some mad cash and sold tons of stuff; everything from my great grandmother’s dish-rags to a pair of sequined underwear that I bought on a whim and decided I just wasn’t courageous enough to wear.  We sold prom dresses, neon signs, hair rollers, salt and pepper shakers, books on Kama-Sutra/Jane Fonda/Nancy Drew, a couple of bibles (though, it bothers me a tad that anyone would discard a bible during these times…shame, shame), comics, and my personal favorite item BLANK T shirts!  The Yardless Yardsale was so successful with about 500 guests dropping in, that we New Colonials almost decided to retire from theatre altogether to open a second hand shop.  However, retail takes a lot of work so we decided to stick with what we know… theatre.