Tupperware: An American Musical Fable
Ran July 13, 2009 - August 09, 2009

Tupperware tells the story of Delores Clarke, a young widow living in Kissimmee, FL, in 1950, her struggle to fit into the traditional mold of the All-American housewife, and how a revolutionary new kitchen product (and equally revolutionary new marketing system) ended up breaking the mold altogether. As she and Brownie Wise, inventor of the Tupperware Party, begin selling a few hours of independence to local women in the form of Tupperware, they tackle social norms, small-town politics, and a woman’s right to pursue her own entrepreneurial enterprise, changing the face of the American dinner table forever.

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Chicago Tribune
...the production has a bright comic heart and the feminist soul of Betty Friedan wrapped with a bow inside a blues-inflected score.
TimeOut Chicago
Its creators, the team behind 2007's far-quirkier Love Is Dead, have skillfully tapped into the formula of catchy tunes plus wacko characters that makes such shows damn near irresistible, like the supporting threesome of flighty housewives, the goofy gaggle of chorus girls from South Pacific with a dash of acid acuity.
Talkin' Broadway
While this world premiere could use a lot of tweaking, the premise works and the score is as good as many of the new musicals that have opened on Broadway in recent years. There are enough satisfying musical theater moments in it to prove that with more work this could become a very popular piece.
It's been a while since I've seen a new musical comedy that hits all the right notes. The score by Julie B. Nichols is wonderfully tuneful, and a book by James Asmus, Will Cavedo, and Andrew Hobgood is clever, touching and laugh-out-loud funny. Yes, it's campy by design, but it also has real moments of heart - mostly delivered by the emotionally raw Inboden. A duet between Inboden and her late husband (the clear-voiced Kevin Stangler) makes a strong impression.
Newcity Stage: Plastics and Process: The New Colony throws a Tupperware Party
They embody a self-perpetuating excitement for theater and each other that makes it easy to believe they may change the way new plays are made.
The Band
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