The Goldfish Project: Rejection
Ran June 27, 2014 - June 28, 2014

Goldfish - noun - The target of online deception or mischief-making in the world of online dating.  An unwitting participant in bizarre flirtation with no solicitation of love.  An innocent who’s not always innocent.

Catfishing is so last year.  Chicago comedian Shawn Bowers has spent years perfecting the art of goldfishing, pretending to be women on some of the web’s most popular dating sites.  The Goldfish Project takes all of that fun creepiness of catfishing and removes the awkward “people’s emotions getting involved” stuff to create a multimedia showcase of actual conversations, e-mails, texts and photos from his time undercover.  Along the way, he’s joined by special guest correspondents doing their own odd experiments and true stories of real people who’ve had their own “unique interactions” online.  Whatever happens, just remember that we’re the good guys.


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Special Thanks

Artwork by Patriac Coakley