So Many Days
February 08, 2012, 9:01PM
Extended Through December 31, 1969
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Short film, 15 minutes.
In the Deep South, 1963.
Bennie Patrick doesn't belong here. A stand-up comic from Chicago, he has been thrust into the south by fate and a contract with That Sordid Little Story, a family band on a tour below the Mason-Dixon Line. Tonight is just one more night to survive. Do the set and hope you don't get killed.

Based on the original story
That Sordid Little Story
Will Cavedo
Andrew Hobgood
Benno Nelson

So Many Days is The New Colony's first film. It was created collaboratively by the directors, production team, and actors, using improvisation and a revolutionary creative structure to develop the characters, plot, and aesthetic. For more information on our process, head to

Love the music? The album from That Sordid Little Story is online! Listen for free or download at:
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Newcity: Screen Play: Why���s The New Colony theater company making a film?
With So Many Days, the barely three-year-old New Colony is taking a novel, if not entirely unprecedented, step towards filmmaking. It's just one more in a series of remarkable moves for the theater group.
Gapers Block
Theatre afficionados have quickly taken to The New Colony, a fledgling local company who've won fans over with their sharp, clever, devised works.
The Band
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