Orville and Wilbur Did It!
Ran June 13, 2014 - July 20, 2014

Written by David Zellnik
With three songs by David Zellnik and Eric Svejcar
Directed by Andrew Hobgood

Orville and Wilbur Did It! follows the lives, loves, sadnesses, ecstasies, hopes, fears and egos of five actors and a stage manager in a van doing a non-Equity, 58-city tour across America – as they perform a children’s musical about the Wright Brothers. There will be inappropriate hook-ups, terribly meaningful conversations, stolen credit cards, booze. Children’s theatre!

Please note this performances contains nudity and drug references.

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Signal Ensemble Theatre

1802 West Berenice Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613

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The Chicago Sun-Times: Wright Brothers ‘Did It’ satire an education for all ages
"A demented delight...New Colony flies."
The Chicago Reader
"If you've ever been a theater person—or even just a youngish person thrilled and terrified by promise and possibility—this should ring true."
The Dueling Critics
"Director Andrew Hobgood could give lessons in comic pacing" "Strong ensemble"
Chicago Critic
"This is a fun, silly yet truthful comedy that is a terrific night at the theatre. The New Colony folks continually produce stage worthy shows. This one will make you laugh."
Chicago Stage Standard
"This ensemble has tons of comic talent"
Chicago Literati
"I, as well as the rest of the audience, spent most of the show cracking up in our seats, some of us uncontrollably."
NWI Times
"I laughed more than just a few times during the show, and I'm not an easy customer when it comes to humor."
The Chicago Sun-Times: New Colony vibe helps bring ‘Orville and Wilbur’ to life
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Jen and Marissa Dorman, Martin Wilde