Ran March 09, 2009 - April 04, 2009
Extended Through April 18, 2009

Based on true stories, FRAT brings to life the bizarre, frightening and secretive American sub-culture of Southern fraternities: the breeding grounds for politicians, journalists, movie stars, and even presidents. With each intense recreation from life, the allure of this uniquely American experience becomes palpable and defines those who survive and thrive because of it, and those who are beaten down.

Dank Haus

4740 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-2013
(773) 561-9181

Chicago Tribune: Best of On the Fringe- 2009
I don't think I had more fun at a show this year. Staged in a venue that felt like a frat house party room, Evan Linder's probing, well-observed, frequently laugh-inducing portrayal of the Greek system was equally loving and brutal a sardonic reminder of the nuances of college and fraternity life.
Windy City Times: Nine of 2009
The New Colony's environmental and fluid staging within a recreation room of Lincoln Square's Dank-Haus was a master stroke by director Andrew Hobgood. The huge cast was also amazingly dedicated and fleet on their feet when it came to adjusting to each new space and dramatic scene.
NewCity: Top Five Shows of 2009
Chicago Reader
Highly Recommended! An insight into the group-think, psychological cruelty, and desperate need to belong that make frat life possible.
Chicago Tribune
3.5 out of 4 stars! The laughs come fast and furious...a souped-up and insanely well acted world premiere from The New Colony.
A terrific example of youthful, raw, blistering, ferocious, hungrily-acted and directed Chicago storefront theater.
Centerstage Chicago
A Must-See! This stuff is as scary as it is fun.
Talkin Broadway
My apprehensions about the show's authenticity based on its title (nobody in a fraternity actually calls one a "frat") were relieved in the first few minutes. Though my experience was in a different fraternity from Linder's, and further separated by three decades and a thousand miles, his observations couldn't have more in sync with my memories.