Hearts Full Of Blood (Formerly Calls To Blood)
Ran October 12, 2009 - November 28, 2009
Extended Through December 31, 1969

Based on an extraordinary true story, Calls to Blood tells the darkly comic tragedy of the perfect American couple and their seemingly impenetrable happiness even as they struggle to conceive the child they want so desperately. But in trying to find a solution to this continual failure, they unearth the one truth that can destroy everything upon which their perfect lives have been built. Staged in the intimate environment of the Royal George’s studio theater, the audience will be no more able to escape the emotionally powerful debate over the couple’s future than the couple’s own best friends and family.

The Royal George Theater

1641 North Halsted Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 988-9000

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Chicago Tribune: Sex, relationships and intensity done right at Royal George
Andrew Hobgood's savvy production is quite the riveting show
Edge Chicago: Chicago's Best Theater 2009
The New Colony has proven yet again that they have the resources and talent to produce compelling new works with sensitivity, emotional heft and a good dose of well-placed humor.
Time Out Chicago
New Colony's fierce production transcends the scenario's slick contours. As Alison, Gitenstein brings a breathtaking passion to the stage; torn apart by what she learns, Gitenstein manages to lift the play from its true-story origins to true art.
Chicago Reader
Pitch-Perfect Cast! Highly Recommended!
Centerstage Chicago
Gut-wrenching! This flawless execution is beyond rare. It will floor you.
Chicago Tribune: New Colony has a hit, moving to bigger theater
Chicago Theater Addict
From the Ledge: On the Ascent
[Q]uite simply one of my more memorable nights at any theater recently...The acting is just spectacular...it is a definite must-run-to-see!
Steadstyle Chicago
Originality is the calling card for this young company and they deserve a place on the Chicago theater map
Time Out Chicago
Gut-wrenchingly tragic and very, very funny.