Amelia Earhart Jungle Princess
Ran September 29, 2008 - November 16, 2008

Experience one of the greatest finds of the 20th Century as a professor and his young assistant, surviving amongst jungle creatures and cannibals on an uncharted Pacific island, find the legendary aviator living as a semi-amnesiatic jungle woman. When this discovery is brought back to America’s industrial elite, it ignites a dangerous showdown of business and politics that puts everyone involved at risk.

National Pastime Theater

4139 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60613-2104
(773) 327-7077

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Time Out Chicago
...At play's end, a jungle-bungled Amelia Earhart (Nicole Pellegrino), having only just found a link back to her past life, dips into the darker sides of human nature by pulling a gun on a man she barely knows. It's a dense moment: moving and gritty, but strangely comedic, a testament to director Hobgood's ability to find humor in uncomfortable situations.
Talkin' Broadway
Hobgood and his cast capture the perfect two-dimensional tones required of these pulpy characters and display some impressive dance-inspired movement. While Love is Dead was mostly all verbal and aural, Jungle Princess shows Hobgood's ability to put together a visually rich production.
Chicago Tribune: Earhart plots promising course
There's a lot of potential for New Colony, an ensemble that seems very interested in toying with the comedy of genuine human complexity.
Newcity Stage
It's smart, primal fun.
Chicago Reader
...[Asmus] he displays a fine, quirky wit and large amounts of imagination. Hobgood and his cast are on precisely the same wavelength, adding to the pleasures of the evening...
Broadway World
Overall, Amelia Earhart Jungle Princess proves to be an all around good time. The laughs are plentiful and the ideas are thought provoking. As the first performance by a brand new company, this play makes a stellar debut and the opening of what should be a promising season of original plays.