5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche Chicago Commercial Collective
Ran May 01, 2014 - June 08, 2014
Extended Through June 22, 2014

The New Colony’s original creation, will be remounted at the Chopin Theatre this spring! Set in a 1956 middle-America church basement, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche tells the story of…, well…5 lesbians eating a quiche. Time Out Chicago called it “smart, sharp and hysterically funny.”

The year is 1956 and the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein is meeting for their annual quiche breakfast. However, this year there is an unexpected agenda item – the dropping of atom bombs on their fair city. This normally idyllic gathering is upended when the Society’s matriarchs must confront some startling revelations made by the Sisterhood while meeting the fallout from the Red Menace head on.

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Chopin Theatre

1543 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60642

About the Chicago Commercial Collective
Chicago Commercial Collective is a commercial theater company focused on producing Chicago theater of incredible quality and commercial appeal, thereby supporting Chicago’s vital non-profit theater scene. Recent projects include the successful commercial remount last fall of TimeLine Theatre Company’s “To Master the Art" at Chicago’s Broadway Playhouse. The Collective is also presenting The Off-Loop Tour, which will export some of the best of Chicago theater throughout the Midwest in 2014-15. Productions on the tour include “there is a happiness that morning is” by Mickle Maher (originally produced by Theater Oobleck), “A Steady Rain” by Keith Huff (originally produced by Chicago Dramatists), “Unveiled” by Rohina Malik, “Honeybuns” by Dean Evans and “Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology” by Anthony Moseley (both originally produced by Collaboraction). The Collective’s goal is to manifest a thriving small and mid-sized commercial theater scene. The Collective focuses on producing theater with proven popularity, and builds upon the interest already generated during their original production runs. For investors, the Collective provides opportunities to partner on exciting projects with reasonable financial returns on their investments. The Collective allows non-profit theater companies to enjoy the benefits from their original successful productions that, due to scheduling issues or theater availability, may end their runs before they have reached the audiences they deserve . Further, artists who question if Chicago’s theater job market can provide stability and fair wages can rely on the Collective to transform the local industry with the development of mid-sized commercial theater and consistent employment opportunities.