Tony Kaehny

After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a piece of paper that says, é─˙Actingé─¨ on it, Tony moved straight to Chicago. He got his feet wet playing a part in a short film that he doesné─˘t think will ever see the light of day and and helping out with a reading of a spec script at iO. He then appeared in the Plagiaristsé─˘ production of Promiscuous Stories. He then helped that wonderful company workshop an early draft of their show Wreck of the Medusa as part of the DCAé─˘s Incubator Series. Soon after, he worked on his first show with The New Colony, FRAT. He loved the vision and people of the company so much that he just kept showing up places, randomly, and eventually they let him stick around- he couldné─˘t be happier about that fact. He understudied for their hit show Calls to Blood and also had fun in their Walk of Shame at Victory Gardens, part of the Fresh Squeezed Series. After taking some improv classes at the Annoyance and doing another short film that he doesné─˘t think will ever see the light of day, Tony appeared in a reading of The Epic of Gilgamesh,  as part of New Leaf Theatreé─˘s é─˙Treehouse Readingsé─¨ series. He’s been having a lot of fun working with Collaboraction lately, whether it’s performing in their media events, or, most recently, in Sketchbook X. He was also lucky enough to understudy and perform the role of Caleb in The New Colony’s epic That Sordid Little Story. Currently, heé─˘s playing Dwight in Point of Contention’s Apocalypso at the BOHO theater, and will next be appearing in that same company’s Chaos Festival in November. He is so, so proud to be on this page alongside all of these insanely talented people.

New Colony Productions