Thea Lux

Thea Lux pronounces her name Tay-uh Lucks. Since 1998 she has been stationed in Chicago after a typical Unitarian midwestern upbringing in Dayton, Ohio.  She’s soul-searched and performed at the amazing Second Cities, and the IOs and the Annoyances and been a part of award-winning productions such as “Love is Dead: A NecRomantic Musical Comedy,” and “58 - A Comedy about Bike Messengessengering.” Her one lady show, “Thea Lux Will Sell Out for Money,” was described as “shocking in the best possible sense,” and she rallied an eight piece band to accompany her solo performance. Musically shes worked with Red Moon Theater, written ditties for Blewt Productions and rocked out with the band, Lets Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop. She’s now performing and recording with The Nurse Novels and continues to find reasons to add seven part harmony to anything. She lives to write, make music, paint, and crochet many afghans.

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