Rachel Farmer

Rachel Farmer grew up in Mobile, Alabama and is a credential holding Merchant Marine. Rachel has been creating, (did you barf when you read that?) improvising, and performing around Chicago for little over a few years. These places in Chicago have names like: Second City Theatricals, iO, The Playground and The Annoyance Theatre. She’s really proud of some of the things she has done as it pertains to a bio and will list them to give props: “KiNk”, the original musical she wrote with Christina Boucher and Mikala Bierma; improvising with Bella and womyns fusion trio, WiseSntach. WiseSnatch is gonna be in the 2012 Just For Laughs Festival!
Rach is totesboats fired up about working with TheNewColony.

In Psychonaut Librarians. Ms. Farmer will now give love and mad props to: My Fam & Zachary, James, Crystal, Shawn, Will, Caitlin, Gitenstein, Ashleigh, Gary, and Sean, Collaboraction, and all of TNC.

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