Pat Coakley

Patriac Coakley only does theatre because girls have to kiss him when the scene calls for it. And Patriac only does scenes that call for kissing. Patriac is lonely sometimes.  He has a theatre degree from the University of Massachusetts. While at UMASS he performed in multiple shows within the theatre department but saved all the good stuff for performing with UMASS’s premier short-form improv troupe “Mission:IMPROVable”. In Chicago, he writes/acts/directs with a start-up production company called Blue Light Project. He also trains at the annoyance. Catch him in his underwear while performing in SKINPROV or just drop by his house tuesday’s at 7am*, also known as “Patriac’s Underwear Alone Time”. He would like to thank the New Colony for letting him join their ridiculously fantastic group and giving him the opportunity to help revive theatre in a world the desperately needs it.
*Please don’t stop by at this time. As you can tell by the name, it’s basically just for me, to be me.

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