Nicole Pellegrino

Nicole is a jack-of-all-trades with a penchant for moving, navigating awkward moments, observing things and learning their ways.  (She does not like é─˙precious momentsé─¨- neither the ceramic figurines, nor time that is too delicately handled.  She also hates beets.)  Her shenanigans with The New Colony began with rigging DIY circus equipment and growling/sniffing at fellow cast members in/as Amelia Earhart: Jungle Princess.  These shenanigans will continue next with The Warriors in 2011.  Nicole performs and teaches all over Chicago, including work with The Actors Gymnasium, Lookingglass, Victory Gardens, Drury Lane, Lifeline, Griffin Theatre, Improv Olympic, and Boho.  Nicole is a Northwestern alumna (Go Cats!), an actress, a founding company member of Be the Groove, a choreographer, a percussionist, a circus performer, a creative writer, a punk rock enthusiast, an economics fan, a student of music licensing, a Mythbusters devotee, a kitten admirer, a coffee addict, and a scone baker.  She feels improvising is more a “lifestyle choice” than it is a dramatic tool.  Finally, Nicole feels Bob Hope is an articulate man: people who throw kisses are mighty hopelessly lazy.

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