Mary Hollis Inboden

Mary Hollis Inboden (pronounced May-Hollis) is a triple-name score who shares a birthday with another triple-name score Mary Kay Letourneau, from statutory rape fame.  The only reason why Mary Hollis knows that is because she is obsessed with the Oxygen Network and anything narrated by Bill Curtis.  Originally from Bono (yes, exactly like Sonny), Arkansas, Mary Hollis is the baby girl of a fertilizer/chemical salesman and a personal trainer. She loves her family very muché─Â mostly because they are okay with her knowing nothing about either of those things (i.e., sewing seed, bench pressing, etc.).  A founding member of The New Colony, she enjoys writing é─˙thank youé─¨ cards to those kind enough to donate money and hosting the ever-popular é─˙orphan Thanksgiving feast,é─¨ which is how she got cast in her first TNC show, Tupperware: An American Musical Fable.  It is true that she looks pretty amazing in an apron.  Mary Hollis hearts killing people with kindness, and knitting mediocre Christmas gifts for friends.  Four things in life fascinate her: bathtubs, ELO, people who read books, and a Bombay Sapphire Martini just a tinge dirty with three olives.  Oh yeah, and she thinks method acting is ridiculous. RELAX.

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