Marianna Staroselsky
Writers' Room 2015

Marianna Staroselsky has been writing since age 10, starting with poetry and later delving into most genres you can or can’t imagine from journalism to microfiction to pantoums. Theatre is perhaps the one that makes her the happiest. Her current writing projects include “Cry Baby Meets Audrey Hepburn,” a play that she’s writing for Stockyards’ Play for Keeps, to be read at Public House Theatre, and “Psychic Spelunking,” of which a scene was performed at Side Project Theatre as part of the Hi Typ/o Salon. She’s also a company member with BYOT, a monthly 24-hour theatre fest. Her theatre training comes from classes at the University of Chicago and Second City. When Marianna isn’t playwriting, performing, or directing, she’s working on her dissertation on the performance of the self and identit(ies) in life and on the stage.

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