Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom

Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom is a writer, artist, tarotist and intuitive healer. A Chicago native, her contribution to the world is a bevy of art that reaffirms that “happily ever after” is for everyone. A multifaceted wordsmith, her work inspires radical self-love.Windy City Reviews hailed her as a “craftsman of the English language” for her first novel, Reasons for Being. Her second book For, Evermore, is eagerly anticipated. Mallory is the recipient ofthe Tutterow Fellowship from The Chicago Dramatist Playwrights Theater. Her passion for inclusive storytelling, mindfulness, and mysticism resonates across the vast universe of color she leaves on the page, the stage, and the canvas. For more information on this versatile creator go to www.MalloryBackstrom.comand find her on social media @PocketSpiritGuide.