Kristi Parker-Barnhart
Education Liaison

Kristi Parker- Barnhart has been a company member of The New Colony since 2016, but has made a variety of art with TNC over the years, as a cast member in Merge in 2016,  Down & Derby in 2012, and as a member of The Asscociate Company in 2014. She was most recently a member of The Writers Room 5.0 in 2017, where she wrote her first full-length family drama, Under The Tree.
Kristi is Managing Director of Lil Bud’s Youth Theatre Company, and acts as a teaching artist and a director as well. She has also been a company member of Hobo Junction since 2012, where she found a home for all of her weird ideas and a family full of weirdos to share them with. She moved to Chicago in 2010 with her husband, Travis, who has also been a member of TNC’s Asscociate Company.
Kristi is proud to be part of TNC Executive Team and is looking forward to taking on the role of The Educational Liason and having the opportunity to work with The Educational Director as well as The Director Of New Works on so many exciting new projects!

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