John Kelly Connolly

JOHN KELLY CONNOLLY is grateful to be part of this wonderful cast.  He wants to thank you for coming to this show and supporting Chicago Theater.  Working again with his friends Connor, Norm and Jack is a Joy. Some of the shows he’s enjoyed being part of have been Bonhoeffer’s Cost as Klopstock (Provisions Theatre) in Flare Path as Lt. Swanson, Roxy in Golden Boy (both Griffin Theatre) Michael in Dancing at Laughnasa (Center Stage) and way back as Man in Waiting for Lefty (Artistic Home). Now that’s not to say he didn’t just recently love being part of A Life Extra Ordinary, The Lonesome West, Broadsword, Ace in The Royal Society of Antarctica, White People or Timothy in Good for Otto all with The Gift Theatre. It’s just the Gift Theatre is my family and I didn’t want to show favoritism. Thank you to his friends and family who remind him constantly, that in this life anything is possible. Anything. 

New Colony Productions