JD Caudill

JD Caudill is an emerging director and music director from Ohio, where they studied musical theatre performance, directing, and psychology at Bowling Green State University. Since arriving in Chicago two years ago, they have directed for The New Colony (Face the Day - AssCo Winter 2015), Arc Theatre (Can Cause Death; Homecoming), Hobo Junction (Aquaman!; Urges), Broken Nose Theatre (Tuesday), 20% Theatre (Ellen, The Bean, and Belle), Red Theatre (Ring a Bell), The Runaways Lab Theatre (Spectrum), Paragon Theatre (The Rhode Island Chapter), co-directed After Orlando (Pride Plays and Films), and was featured as a director in Haven Theatre’s first Director’s Haven (Jane Doe 232). They also get behind the piano as a music director from time to time for Hell in a Handbag Productions (Skooby, Don’t!; The Rip Nelson Holiday Spectacular; Christmas Dearest), and created harmonies and taught the vocals for The New Colony’s Stanley in the Name of Love. Along with directing and music directing, they’ve stayed busy assistant directing for The New Colony (Kinfolk; Stanley in the Name of Love), The Metropolis (R&G Are Dead), 16th Street Theater (Merchild; Agreed Upon Fictions), and Hobo Junction (Sure Thing). This’ll be their first true acting opportunity in Chicago, and they couldn’t be more thankful for it.

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