Jay Patton

Jaybones has had the time of his life working with The New Colony to create some unique and attention grabbing theatrical trailers for the awesome shows they have been putting on every season. Though stop-motion animation is his true passion, he spends lots of time shooting various video projects around Chicago, as well as playing music with his band Chips and Dip. The New Colony gives Jay the chance to pursue his artistic pursuits based off of the shows the company puts on throughout the year, allowing for a collaboration between the writers, actors, directors, and his own vision, to come up with truly unique pieces based off of the story and emotion that each show invokes. Jay has been in Chicago for about 3 years, and has worked with The Black Eyed Peas, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Johnny Dangerous, and Dr. Andrew Weil. He looks forward to continuing his artistic journey with TNC as his main outlet for new animation projects in the seasons to come.

New Colony Productions