Esteban Reyna

Esteban Reyna is very humbled to be one of the newest additions to the New Colony Core Ensemble. He was last seen with The New Colony as part of their Jeff Recommended production of MERGE. He began his journey with The New Colony as part of their Associate Company Intensive Program in Summer 2016; and helped mount the production of LOST AND FOUND. He is actively involved within the theatre and improv communities, and recently joined up with a newly formed improv house team (Name TBD) at CiC Theatre. He has taken classes at iO, Annoyance, and CiC Theatres. Originally, from San Antonio, TX and a graduate of Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. He loves movies and loves talking movies, so if you ever want to talk movies, all you gotta do is mention Michael Keaton, Werner Herzog, and Scorsese in the same sentence, and he’s yours. He’s also super grateful to have such supportive friends and family.

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