Cynthia Hines

Cynthia Hines always knew she wanted to be a writer and actress. So what did she do?
She ran away from her Milwaukee home, joined the U.S. Army and earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, of course! After leaving the military, where she served in Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia and the Afghan region, Cynthia returned to work in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a civilian, where she was injured in 2013. Upon her return to the states, Cynthia made her debut in Rivendell Theatre Ensemble’s “Women At War” and followed this performance up playing Francine and Lena in “Clybourne Park” at Harper College. When not doing voiceover work, she is working on completing her first full-length play “Exposure”, which deals with a female vet photographer returning from Iraq to her crime-ridden neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. Visit to learn more.