Barbara Hobart

Barbara Hobart is thrilled to be back home in Chicago after a 25-year stint in Los Angeles where she worked as a television writer and producer. Having survived two earthquakes, numerous Malibu landslides, and several hundred pitch meetings, she managed to sell a couple of series, worked at various studios including NBC, 20th Century Fox, and MCA/Universal under her development deal.  Of the many scripts she wrote, the one she is the proudest won the prestigious AGLA Award (predecessor to GLAAD) for an episode entitled “One of the Girls” for the series “9 to 5.” Considered groundbreaking at the time, it was one of the first episodes that positively featured a lesbian character on network television. (Hey, someone had to do it!)  She created “Linda Has 2 Mommies” which aired in Canada on OUT TV Network during the 2010 season and Ms. Hobart is currently the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of “Dr. Andy: Pet Therapist,” a new scripted live-action and animated series. A graduate of The Second City, she has written several plays, numerous sketches, stand-up material for a variety of solo artists, and her one-act play “Games” was presented in a showcase at Playwrights Horizons in NYC.  She is delighted to be back on solid ground and ecstatic to be participating in The New Colony’s Writers Room.  She is never leaving Chicago.