Ashlyn Hughes

Ashlyn Hughes is a proud Wisconsinite and she most definitely lives the stereotype of a beer-lover and cheese curd-eater, without shame. Ashlyn recently graduated from Illinois State University with a degree majoring in Acting and almost minoring in Spanish (it just didn’t happen). Some recent credits include: an acting internship with Illinois Shakespeare Festival (Comedy of Errors, Othello), an original sketch show (hannah and ashlyn in BEST! SHOW! EVER!), and most recently, the Mary Siewert Scruggs Works by Women Festival at Donny’s Skybox. She has studied with the SITI Company and has studied some writing and improv at The Second City. Ashlyn is all about her family and super thankful for their love and support. She also is all about collecting instruments and slowly learning to play them. Mark her words: She. Will. Learn. Banjo. By. The. End. Of. This. Year. (hopefully).

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