Anthony DiNicola

ANTHONY DINICOLA could have gone to Juilliard…if only someone else said no, and he could have moved up from the waiting list this year. He is not at all bitter about that. Not in the least. Juilliard, I mean seriously though. Anthony was last seen starring opposite his insanely talented soon to be wife, Mary Hollis Inboden, in Busch Fest at Mary’s Attic. Anthony’s most critically acclaimed work was in Piccolo Theatre’s production of Twelfth NIght. His mother reviewed his performance as “the best she has ever seen…second only to his work in Boho Theatre’s The Tempest. I just wish he was getting paid more.” Anthony is deeply passionate about getting more people to come to and support the live theatre. That is why he is either naked in each play he does, or he finds other (more attractive) actors to strip in his place.

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